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Watch Andalusian Doug (2011) : Full Movie Online Free Academic freedom vs. religious conservatism: How one small town university professor battles social norms and challenges students to think outside the box. When two former students charged Eastern Illinois University music professor Douglas DiBianco with sexual harassment, they set off a media firestorm in the small town of Charleston, Illinois. Described as impishly provocative, DiBianco is known to use shocking language and radical extraneous content to force students out of their comfort zones, opening them up to the possibility that art doesn't have to be pretty to be valuable. But with the threat of a lawsuit because of his morally objectionable lectures looming, Andalusian Doug examines the conflict between liberal discussions and religious conservatism in academia, whether censorship should exist within a secular university, and if DiBianco was wrongfully marginalized because of his radical teaching methods.
Title Andalusian Doug
Release Date Feb 07, 2011
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