Banshee Chapter 2013

On the trail of a missing friend who had been experimenting with mind-altering drugs, a young journalist - aided by a rogue counter-culture writer, The Silence of The Lambs -- finds herself drawn into the dangerous world of top-secret government chemical research and the mystery of a disturbing radio signal of unknown origin. A fast-paced thriller blending fact and fiction, Banshee Chapter is based on real documents, actual test subject testimony, and uncovered secrets about covert programs run by the CIA.

Scream of the Banshee 2011

An archeology professor unearths a dangerous artifact, unwittingly releasing a creature that is able to kill with the power of its bone-splitting scream.

Banshee 2006

A kick-ass professional car thief, Sage, (Taryn Manning), steals a classic '66 Charger on a challenge. It turns out the car belongs to a serial killer (is there another kind?), who proceeds to slice and dice her friends because he wants his car back, and wants Sage dead. Sage also deals with treacherous fellow criminals, and a cop who wants her in jail, or wants to start a relationship (he hasn't decided yet).

Banshee!!! 2008

A group of college friends on a spring break camping trip are stalked and slashed by an unknown creature with the ability to make them hallucinate through sound waves. The survivors hold up refuge in an isolated farmhouse, cut off from all communication. Now, they have to come up with a plan to kill this unrelenting creature before it kills them. "Banshee!!!" takes the idea of the legendary Irish myth and spins it around into a terrifying and unstoppable monster!

Cry of the Banshee 1970

In seventeenth century England Lord Whitman wages unending war on what he sees as the ever-present scourge of witchcraft, and many local villagers have suffered at his hands. But one victim uses her occult powers to curse his family, enlisting unknowing help from one of the household.

Banshee 2014

After the mysterious death of her husband, a woman struggles with her sanity as she sets out to prove that the entity known as the Banshee is responsible.

Blue Banshee 1994

Commissioned to be a "promo" for a loud punk rock band, Mr. Kuchar feared that the noise the band made would spoil the mood of his visuals, so he used the sound of a lush orchestra to score the picture and the antics.

Banshee Blacktop 2016

A drifter is picked up by police in connection with the disappearance of a young couple on a remote, windswept island months before. But the drifter turns the table on their investigation and relates a tale of madness and the supernatural.

Siouxsie & The Banshees: Nocturne 1983

Originally released in 1983 "Nocturne" was remastered in 2006 and released on DVD. This captures Siouxsie And The Banshees at the height of their "goth" period. It also features Cure frontman Robert Smith on guitar. If you liked the albums "Juju", "Hyaena", and "A Kiss In The Dreamhouse" you will love this. It was filmed at Royal Albert Hall.

Kamaitachi no Yoru 2002

Fans of Kamaitachi no Yoru gather to shoot a film based on the game until one of the cast members is killed.

The Banshees of Inisheer 1970

The movie follows two lifelong pals on a remote Irish isle. At an impasse, one abruptly ends the friendship, resulting in alarming consequences for both.

Siouxsie and the Banshees: Live at Rockpalast 1970

Siouxsie and the Banshees perfroming at the Rockpalast, Cologne as part of their 1981 'Juju' tour. Siouxsie Sioux: Voice and guitar John McGeoch: Guitar Steven Severin: Bass guitar Budge: Drums, percussion

Siouxsie And The Banshees: The Seven Year Itch - Live 2005

Siouxie and the Banshees remain one of the most enduring acts to emerge from the London punk scene - even 14 albums after their formation. Captured at London's Shepherds Bush Empire on 10th July 2002, this concert film includes some of the best tracks from their past albums as well as an incendiary cover of the Beatles' 'Blue Jay Way'.

Banshee 2013

Banshee is an American drama television series set in a small town in Pennsylvania Amish country and features an enigmatic ex-con posing as a murdered sheriff who imposes his own brand of justice while also cooking up plans that serve his own interests.

Banshee: Origins 2013

Banshee: Origins is a series of webisodes based on the American drama television series produced by Cinemax called Banshee. The series offers flashbacks in-between the time where Lucas Hood was arrested and when Sheriff Lucas Hood first arrived in Banshee.

Wail of the Banshee 1970

Wail of the Banshee was a seven part children's fantasy drama series from 1992 broadcast on CITV, and made by Central Television.