How I Met Spielberg 1970

'How I met Spielberg' centers on Spanish filmmaker Armando Molina II's three year attempt to meet Steven Spielberg through the 'six degrees of separation' theory.

Red Shoe Diaries 6: How I Met My Husband 1996

Three separate episodes of the Red Shoe Diaries (1992) tv series - "How I Met My Husband", "Naked in the Moonlight" and "Midnight Bells" - edited together into movie length.

How I Met Your Father 2008

Every couple has two stories: the one they tell their children... and the real one.

How I Met Your Mother 2005

Ted Mosby recounts to his son and daughter the events that led to his meeting their mother.

How I Met Your Mother 2010

How I Met Your Mother, the Russian comedy series produced by the company Good Story Media, which is an adaptation of the eponymous American television series How I Met Your Mother. The main character of the series, Dima Nosov, in the distant 2034, tells his teenage children about his own youth, as well as the life stories of his friends. Dima describes the circumstances in which he met his future wife. At the same time, he dwells on various events that took place in his life at that time with him and his friends: Pasha Vinogradov, Lucy Lyubimova, Yury Sadovskiy, and Katya Krivchik. The main action of the series takes place in Moscow today (in 1st season - in 2008–2009).